Thursday, June 24, 2010

Growing Medical Team

Susan slept well and is now up in her wheel chair in her pink bed jacket. She had dinner, breakfast and lunch (if you can call it that). Now her diet is low fiber. She's awaiting a transfer to a regulah room. She said a while ago that she was going to roll around the hospital. We'll see. She still tires easily.

The Medical Oncologist visited this AM. She reported that the specimen was so complex that it is going to the Mayo Clinic for a higher level opinion in order to identify it specifically. The identity is needed to choose the course(s) of treatment. This task will take 10 - 14 days. Susan has time to heal some more, which she is doing at a rate surprising to the staff. Still getting antibiotics via IV several times a day. She has no tubes in her, finally. She must be strong enough to deal with whatever treatment is coming.

Her care team may grow in size with the change in room. Marie Strahan and Jeanne Argoff are in charge. We will run the details by Susan for her agreement. Love to you all.


Kerry C said...

Low fiber, eh? Sounds like shrimp and grits time! (Psssst: does Peking duck have fiber?) Roll on, Aunt Susan!

Anonymous said...

This is great news! Please tell Susan I said hello and that I'm thinking of her!

Joni Lavery

Diana said...

She is so strong and such a fighter. I know she will kick this with the same spirit and pluck she has always had! Sending big hugs!!