Friday, October 22, 2010


Thursday, Oct. 21:  Susan and John rode with Gale May, our favorite accessible taxi owner, at 0500 to Sibley Hospital.  We started compiling "wait minutes." Before 0735, when the wonderful surgical team rolled Susan into the operating suite, there were way more wait minutes than act minutes. Go figure. . .
I was following the doctor's instruction:  I went to get breakfast. Mary, Pam and Bob were coming a bit later.  Before I was able to eat one half of a muffin, Dr. Palmer the oncological surgeon came up to my table and said "Dr. Chernofsky and I cannot do what we planned.  Let me find her and let's talk."  Thus began a completely new chapter in this saga.
After sedation, Susan was given a physical exam under anesthesia; the urologist prepared to insert stents that light up so the urethras can be seen as the surgeons dive in.  Whoa!!!!!  What the doctors had planned and counseled Susan and me about (risks, plans, goals, etc.) was not what they discovered to be the physical state.  So, Susan was allowed to come up out of anesthesia and we waited again for another CAT scan.  It was done about noon; then we had a family conference with Dr. Chernofsky.
Friday, Oct. 22:  Here's the plan: new date:  11/10 and time: 8:30.
Love to all of you caring friends, John.