Friday, June 18, 2010

Day Three in ICU - Afternoon Check in

Becca and Frank are heading home on Sunday. They plan to return later next week. Susan's wonderful Personal Assistant, Pam, will be back in town tomorrow and on at least for Sunday.


Lisa said...

John -

Just want to tell you again that I am here if you need anything. I would be happy to take care of Lucy for you too (walks etc) - as long as she and my dog JD get along she would even be welcome to stay with us. You and Susan are in my thoughts and I am sending positive healing energy her way.

Lisa Ekman

Jilly said...

Thinking of you and sending healing vibes from San Diego! Please tell Susan that Rachel says goo and is sending pure sweet baby love her way.
All our love,
Jilly, Mark, Josh and Rachel

Chez said...

Dr. Watson,
Chez here. We are keeping the NOLA contingent informed, enlisting the help of all who love Kins here in the Crescent to send the healing love sprinkled with a little Zatiran's and Peychaud's and those who can say the Flying Novena are taking care of things in their own way. you know who they are...Sharon-Du, the Jewl of Kentucky, Jimbo the Dimpled Darling of the Disabled, Little T-Drawers, the Eldest Ferry Sister and my little Bro Henry from San Diego are all on this healing train. If oyu need something concrete from any of us, you need only call and the next plane will have it on there. Including our own selves. We love yall and are in for the long haul as you know. Hugs to Becca, Officer Frank whom I do not know but already love and of course Mary and D.B.

Virginia said...

John, thank you so much for this thoughtful blog to share info. My thoughts, prayers, and big love vibes are with you both.