Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26 Day 11

Today was a day of visitors and resting.  Susan hung a sign on her door that said don't come in until xxxx.  She got more than an hour of uninterrupted snoozing.  Healing takes time; her body has been run through a wringer.  Did you ever see a "wringer-type" clothes washing machine?  After the soaping and rinsing, the person fed the clothes into the crease between two rolling hard rubber cylinders.  The water was squeezed out.  A person run through a wringer would be quite wasted.  As much as possible normal life activities are being carried out.  She has the ministrations of dear Pam, who by the way, has been in our family life for more than 14 years.  She is wonderful for Susan; she knows what Susan wants usually before Susan asks for it.  Our family is blessed with her in our lives.

The doctor is still forecasting a Monday discharge.  Getting back home will be a great relief in itself.  My dear daughter Rebecca is staying overnight with her to keep the bad spirits away.  She's giving a gift to her dear old Dad, who endured the "sleep" chair last night.

Mary and Bob are a blessing to have, especially when Mary reminds Susan of the Golden Rule:  It's better to look good than feel good.  Ciao.  Until tomorrow. 


Sue said...

Oh Mary! You and Susan are such sisters (actually that might be sistas). You both have a knack for making others laugh when things seem so sucky!
Thanks for being a good sister to Susan.

gmcaljo said...

Yeah Mary.... and Bob .... and Pam, I can only imagine your trials but know you handle all with grace and humor! Jo

Greg Dixon said...

Greg just came down from the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica to read this good news. I´m amazed to hear of such rapid progress but our girl, Susan, is one tough trooper, and <I know she wants to get home. Great work by everyone and thanks for the blog so that I could keep up from afar.