Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Four ICU - Morning

We are cautiously optimistic to report Susan is doing better today. A chest x-ray has shown the fluid levels in her lungs has decreased AND she is dependent on ventilator support for 40 percent oxygen. Twenty percent lower\better than last night. If she continues to improve at this progress, we are hopeful she will not be on the ventilator too much longer.

I spoke with the infectious disease doc this morning and confirmed she does not have sepsis. A HUGE relief. She had a localized infection in her abdomen from the rupture. She is receiving some nutrition via a g-tube and we're hoping her gut "wakes up" as they call it. Things need to start moving again, and they are, slowly.

Dad is holding up as well as to be expected and is starting to think and plan about Susan's care post ICU. Susan has spent many, many months in hospitals and is most comfortable when she has someone with her. Right now, she is sedated and has almost one on one nursing care. Once she moves to a step-down unit, she will need us more.

We are assembling a "care team" of close friends and family to sign up for shifts to allow my Dad to escape home, or catch a few hours of sleep. We don't anticipate implementing this care team for at least a week to 10 days.

I am impressed with the care Susan's receiving in the ICU. The staff is competent AND compassionate. The nurses and docs are knowledgeable and follow up on the myriad questions I ask. I've grilled them all about procedures, medications and expectations of recovery. They all smile and warmly say that every patient is different and we need to take this one day at a time. Not the easiest answer to process for me. But we will be patient. Hurry up and wait for our Susan to get better.

We all know Susan is a fighter. She will get through this.

Thank you all for your warm wishes.



Greg Dixon said...

Great update Rebecca. This blog is a wonderful way to keep us all in the loop without having to pester John on a daily basis. Please tell him that Greg Dixon is going to Costa Rica tomorrow for two weeks but will be available for caring duty after I return on July 4. I good at reading out loud and cleaning stuff. I will try to follow the blog in San Jose. My prairie flower, Susan Dixon, will remain in town and be available some evenings and next weekend for any assistance. Susan Daniels is one tough lady and we will keep sending blessing to support her recovery. Much love from Greg

Jeanne said...

Thank you so much, John and Rebecca, for keeping us all up to date--and what a relief that the posts are getting better and better.

No, I'm not exactly relaxing but I am breathing a bit better. The SmartWorks team--Barb,Sue, Ben and I have been pouring our love and energy and emotion into a proposal that we hope will help to make Susan's fabulous ideas into a permanent part of the landscape. It's been a blessing to be able to work on Susan's project while we are waiting and hoping to see and hear the actual Susan say "well, darlin.." or "FAB'lous" or any of the sparkling things that come out of her when you she is truly with us.

Susan: We're all with you, girl. I know you can feel all the love and good wishes pouring in from all your friends and family.

Lots of love from David and me to you and all your wonderful family--

And, of course, sign me up for any and all help.

al1928 said...

Chalotte and Al have just learned how to get an update on Susan's status and it helps to know something about her status. We do keep in periodic contact with Harry and he does up=date us. Unfortunately we are very far away and can contribute nothing more than our prayers and hopes.