Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 7 - ICU Doc's Report

Dad asked me to post a quick update from the doctor's meeting today.

Sparing you the medical details that make even my head swim, Susan has a new fight a head. The tumor attached to her colon/pelvis is cancer. After the ordeal we've all been through this past week, this is just icing on the cake.

We have several physicians/specialist lined up to see Susan and prepare our plan of action.

Now, Susan says, "We don't have any course but to charge ahead!" She said those words; we all must take that attitude to heart and adopt it as our own.

It’s a lot to process for everyone involved.

Continue to send prayers and well wishes.

- Rebecca


Chez said...

OK, Charging ahead with you all.
The charge of the LOVE AND LIGHT BRIGADE!

Diana said...

John, Susan has the best attitude about life of anyone I have EVER known. She will charge ahead and she will conquer this!! She will keep those doctors geared up to do their absolute top notch work! I am sending both of you our love! You are in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers everyday.

Adrienne said...

my principessa warrior. A new obstacle she will soon hurtle over and then educate us all how she did it with such grace. That malignant tumor will regret the day it messed with our Susan-the one and only.

Anonymous said...

She is one hell of a person with more character than most of us could even begin to muster.

Don Stewart

Maggie Roffee said...

Sending good thoughts. Maggie

Lisa Mallory said...

And charge ahead we all will. We stand ready to help.

Mary said...

As usual, Susan is the one leading the charge! We're on her heels - keep giving her my love.

Mary Ridgely

jwest said...

Susan will lead the way once again. The force is with her!