Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Three ICU - Evening Check In

Susan is still being supported by a ventilator. The oxygen level has been reduced to 50%. It started at 80% -- so this is progress. Her fluid levels are decreasing. Good. Her BP is still above 100/xx. Good. She is being cared for by some very very caring and skilled medical staff. Last night she was given a bath by her tiny little nurse. I know she appreciated it.

Mary, Bob, Becca and Frank have been an immense support to me. Susan will be even more comfortable when her personal assistant arrives this evening.

We may be in need of an extra room, or place for our out of town care givers to stay. Preferably somewhere near the hospital or our apartment in Van Ness North. Please give me a call if you can help.

Susan is still seriously ill. It is not time yet for flowers or visitors; send your love and caring by commenting on this space. We'll let people know when visits are possible.

More later.

Much love, John


Sue said...

Dear Susan,
I am writing this to you in hopes that when you read through these, this will make you smile. So, you know that I took care of folks exactly just like you - in the same boat. It was my life for almost 20 years. I was deeply saddened when I heard the xray results because I knew what it meant - I knew too much. And so over the days I have been following your every move (and the nurses') by replacing images of my ICU days with images of the nurses caring for you as if it were I there caring for you. This has been a good coping strategy for me and I hope has done well toward increasing the penetration of good thoughts at the core of where I want those thoughts to be....with the nurses (I have a different set of good thoughts for John and you - they are much more loving and gentle with way less hovering). It will be a long road ahead for you, and along the way you will get a few "pebbles in your shoes" and you might even find yourself trying to power your way through fine silky sand. During these times, let those around you take out the pebbles and water the sand so that road is not tougher than it has to be. If I did not live so far away, I would be there to walk the path before you making sure that all of the pebbles were mashed to dust and the sand was on an automatic sprinkler system! But I am not, and so will do the best I can from here.

So, June 16th. While you were in the OR, I was defending! I got through it and did really well. And how did I get through it? Well...this time I chose which tape to play in my head....I did not let it choose me. And the one that played said this:"Darlin' you need to pull up your big girl panties and just go do it!" And I did just that - you would have been so proud of me. When you get out I will subject you to the same torture that my committee endured.

Anyways, it is Saturday. Jeanne and I are working to put a pretty red bow on the grant.

Be well and do good.
My love to you always!

Diana said...

Jen and I are so glad to hear that our dear Dr. Daniels is feeling better! We continue to send prayers and positive thoughts, and also want to offer our help to walk Lucy or with whatever else you might need. We can be reached at and

Much love,

Jen and Diana Zeitzer