Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day Five in ICU - Looking Good

Everyone here has just given a HUGE sign of relief. Susan has continued to improve and had a very good night. Another chest x-ray shows even less fluid in her lungs.

Everything is beating as it should (BP, respiration, percent of Oxygen in blood, etc.) Becca tells me I'm too fact oriented.) C'est la vie. The best news of all is we think Susan will come off the vent today. The doc actually said those words.

We all know that after 3.5 days of no talking my Darling Susan has many things to say!!! :)

Susan's personal assistant, Pam, has arrived and we are all so grateful she is here to care for Susan. Pam and Susan have such a special connection we know Susan will be much more comfortable with her Pam here to help.

There is still a long road to travel.

This is only the first few very hard steps.


Sue said...

Yeah Pam!!!!

cantwellk said...

Awesome news! The NC crew is rooting for you guys!

gmcaljo said...

thank you John for this reassuring news. Kiss her for me.