Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Four ICU - Evening Check In

Today's report - slow and steady progress.

Susan is still in the ICU and ventilator dependent, but she is slowly being weaned off. I spoke to her respiratory therapist today and she said that Susan is now initiating most of her breathing which is a great improvement to just a few days ago. She is on 40 percent oxygen, much improved from the 80 percent.

This is the best we could ask for.

She's doing really well. We all just need to be patient and let her body heal.

Dad's with her now and may have more news later tonight. Frank and I will be heading back to NJ tomorrow so Dad will be on his own for a few days. Any extra help from the locals would be welcome.


Chez said...

WOW,,,this is welcome news for us here in NOLA, we are so thankful for your great and clear info, Becca, with the insider's eye and voice. We are comforted by this and although our comfort is of little matter at this moment, we appreciate it as we are far away with only prayers, good vibes and healing enegry to send forward. This provides with a calming so our energy is clear when we send across the miles. You are an angel. I am posting for all, Angie, Joanie, RothAnne, Rayeanne, Jim, Sharon, Tim, Henry, LaLou, so many others who are praying and cheering for every bit of progress!!! Woo, Hoo! Soft kisses and gentle hugs and healing light to all, our SMD, esp.

Jeanne said...

Thank you so much, John and Rebecca, for keeping us all up to date--and what a relief that the posts are getting better and better.

No, I'm not exactly relaxing but I am breathing a bit better. The SmartWorks team--Barb,Sue, Ben and I have been pouring our love and energy and emotion into a proposal that we hope will help to make Susan's fabulous ideas into a permanent part of the landscape. It's been a blessing to be able to work on Susan's project while we are waiting and hoping to see and hear the actual Susan say "well, darlin.." or "FAB'lous" or any of the sparkling things that come out of her when you she is truly with us.

Susan: We're all with you, girl. I know you can feel all the love and good wishes pouring in from all your friends and family.

Lots of love from David and me to you and all your wonderful family--

And, of course, sign me up for any and all help.