Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 13 and the Saga Continues

Sunday, yesterday, was a very quiet day; the hospital had no wild influx of patients. There were no regular procedures performed. Susan was able to get a lot of rest and began to enjoy eating. We haven't brought any food in for her except some bananas and coffee. She is in the early stage of adjusting to her surgical changes. Her diet will slowly return to normal. She is feeling good. She is doing her usual command and directing things. We all have to make sure we shape up. :)

At 3:00 PM yesterday, I dialed into a conference line and joined friends of Susan from two continents, Hawaii and other parts of the US, who had dialed in earlier. Each of them was able to give a short "Poor Baby" message of love and support. Barbara, Susan's business partner, set up a piece of the 1812 Overture conclusion with real cannons to play as a thunderous TA DAH! ending. Susan told the friends that she feels carried by all of you. Her laughter was almost constant, and she was beaming from ear to ear. Thanks Barb and Derek for making that happen.

Today an image was made of the ostemy sight to see how adapting is coming along. Susan will have to stay a few more days (definition of few not offered) as the doctors watch something they are not happy with hoping it will clear up with a short course of IV antibiotics. She doesn't express any displeasure with this; she wants to return to the world with all things ship shape. She has a nice big room with north facing windows; the building has good climate control. She likes the people caring for her, and she is tolerating the food. In truth, the food wouldn't be much different if she were home. It will take about six weeks for her system to get back to normal function.

The care team of Mary, Bob, Pam and I are faring well. Susan has acclimated to sleeping here without one of us being with her; so, we can easily spread ourselves over the day and early evening. She has her two electronic book gizmos and the TV. If she wakes in the night, she starts reading or watching until she falls asleep again. And, nobody but nobody can care for her personal activities of daily living like Pam.

From the center of our universe to you all across the world, MUCH LOVE. John


Diana said...

Susan and John, SO MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT BACK TO YOU!!! You are in our minds and hearts each day! Diana Cunningham

Anonymous said...

Hello John and Susan: I read your postings every morning when I arrive at work to see how you are doing. We at Mathematica send you much love and support--particularly Dave S, Gina, Allison and I. Please count us among your most ardent supporters and let us know when you need the local support team to kick in. We all want to play a part.