Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 10 In a regular private room

Well, today's post is later in the day than usual. I got to the hospital shortly after noon; the three other caregivers were there, and Susan was being moved from a double to a single room. She is now in 636 East.

She is spending more time in her wheel chair. It's more comfortable than the bed. She took a nap for a couple hours and got out of bed again in the late afternoon. The doctor is very pleased with her progress. Monday is a targeted discharge date. She so wants to be home. If things proceed as they are now, Monday looks pretty good.

Plan "Strengthen Susan" is in process. She is eating some. It'll take awhile to kick start her alimentary track into operation. She's still not up to phone calls. Coordinate visits with care team.

Bye for now. Love to all. John


Chez said...

WoW! Going home on Monday, that is fab a lus. I know you will feel better there, gurl. A hospital is no place to get well! We are zooming love and light and healing vibes. Is there anything we can send from NOLA? We ship.

dcdiver2 said...

Dear Susan and John, Know we are thinking of you both each day,
and sending love and prayers.
Diana Cunningham

Anonymous said...

Maybe home Monday!! That's such great news!! Sorry about all the exclamation points but I just can't help myself!! Please give Susan a big hug from me and now I'm going to go do a little "tickled pink" dance!

Joni Lavery