Friday, June 18, 2010

Day Three in ICU

RN reports that her fluid levels are beginning to balance. Her BP is now over 100/xxx. These are good signs. A chest XRay is ordered. That will give us a picture of the fluid level in her lungs. We hope it will be less than yesterday.

She is conscious-in and out. We are making sure she is comfortable and not in any pain. Resting is the most important thing for her now. Today she has two nurses and is monitored very closely. Rebecca, Frank, Mary and Bob are her with me now.

ICU MD visited and showed us her films from this AM. Susan's lung function is unchanged. She is receiving 80% oxygen. The MD says it should be 20%.

This will be a long, long process.

Careful monitoring of diagnostic data changes. Prevention of further infection. Work to restore the proper balance of her vascular system, which will reduce the fluid in the lungs. The lungs have had an acute injury (MD called it that name) to tiny vessels; it will only recover with time.
She recognizes us and blinks and grimaces to communicate. She is not feeling much pain.

This is a lot to process for everyone involved. If you feel like you need to "do" something... please just keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.

We are unsure how long my daughter and Susan's sister are able to stay. I may need some support from my local friends, walking Lucy, watering plants or feeding John. It is hard for anyone to ask for help in this situation, so please offer if you are able.

We will keep you updated if anything changes.

Much love,


Kerry Cantwell said...

Hang in there, John. Dave and I send our love and good wishes. Thanks to you and Rebecca for posting these updates.

Doane said...

John I can come and keep house for you indefinitely. We will be home Saturday night and I can get on the plane at any time. Please please please let me help if I can. Kiss sistah for me. I am using someone else's account hence the "Doane" Love you fiercely Jo