Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Two in ICU

Rebecca here...

Frank and I joined my dad early this morning in DC. We immediately went to the hospital to check on Susan. Mary (Susan's sister) and her husband Robert joined us.

Today's update: Susan is still in the ICU and fully dependent on a ventilator due to fluid in her lungs. She has several drains and tubes to help reduce her fluid levels. The medical staff has her sedated and she is not in any pain. We are trying to find the right balance of sedation to keep her blood pressure stable and we are anxiously hoping the fluid recedes from her lung.

Susan has had a few moments of consciousness and knows who is with her. She gave me a wink when I said I love you.

Susan is fighting infection and our worst fear is sepsis.

We are literally taking it one hour at a time and praying for an improvement.

Please continue to pray for our Susan. We are not out of the woods yet.

Dad will post more once we have any updates.

- Rebecca


Madame Gardener said...

we are praying you will pull through, Susan, we can't lose you now!

Gregory said...

Loving Susan is easy....standing vigil is hard. As one of Susan's six thousand best friends, my wife Susan and I are beaming love to John, Rebecca, Mary, and Bob and the other close friends and family. Susan Daniels is the toughest person I ever met in my life. Also the most generous, smartest, and funniest. May she recover and grace us for a long, long time.
Greg & Susan Dixon

John W. Watson said...
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John W. Watson said...
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