Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 7 Phase 2 Important Diagnostic and Treatment facts

There is important news. Careful thought has gone into this post; I don't want anyone to suffer "tmi." I want readers to understand the content.  Here goes.

Dr. C (Chernofsky is too long to type out every time.) gave us a comprehensive explanation of the situation and the course to follow:  get stronger and do surgery in, say, the third week of Sept.  This an "endometrial" sarcoma.  It started in some uterine material left over from the total hysterectomy performed 24 years ago. Dr. C said there was some other tissue there too; she said "sarcoma." This is complex.  My messages cannot be considered the absolute truth or "audit-able." Dr. C did say that this type does not respond to Chemotherapy.  Therefore, no chemo currently planned.  

We see the surgeon tomorrow morning.  It's a follow up from the surgery. I'll report on that tomorrow.

Susan is up and active more each day. She is getting good nutrition. No supplements have been started.  I imagine there will be some used soon.  She takes naps both in her tilt back "Mazerati-grade" wheel chair and in her bed.  We are still screening calls; it's hard on her to engage in chats.  Messages via Email are easier on her.  


Diana said...

John, Thanks so much for keeping us posted. This sounds VERY complex and I know it is not something to look forward to. On the other hand, thank God they have figured out what it is. Give Susan our love and a big hug to each of you! Diana, Mike and Alex.

Chez said...

Dearest all,
Lovin the no chemo news. Of course will vote for Melaleuca supplements if asked, also great protien drinks, bars etc. I am your Mela-Lady. Sending NOLA-love and kisses from so many: Sharon, Tim, Carly, of course Jimbo, Angie, T-Drawers, Raye Anne, Henry Merritt, Megan...the list goes on and much powerful mojo

Amy said...

Aunt Susan.... we are praying for you and hoping that you are doing well today. We will continue to pray for strength especially in preparation for the next surgery.
Amy, James, Drew & Ellie Harris

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan and John: Thanks so much for sending out this information--I check every day when I come into work. We are all thinking of you over here--Dave, Gina, Allison and others. Hope you are able to watch some of the ADA stuff--we wouldn't be where we are today without you.

Love Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the postings! It is good to read there's been a good diagnosis and Susan is doing better.
Praying for you!

Jenifer Simpson, AAPD