Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 18 and still waiting, waiting, waiting. . .

The surgeon told us last night that there would be a tube check tomorrow (Fri).  We were all waiting to be called down to radiology.  Then we learned it was just this morning ordered by the doctor for ASAP.  The radiology lab said they will try to squeeze her in. The first one was Monday.  The fistula was definitely connected to the small intestine.  A dye is squirted (probably not a medical term but that's what they do) into the tube. And then the radiologist looks at a screen to see if the dye goes into the intestine. If so, it and the tube are still connected.  The drain is collecting only a tiny amount -- if any.  Should the tube check show no connection, boom!!!!  We're outta here!  No one has their hopes up.

Flash:  as of 3:15, there has been no tube check.

The days seem to crawl very slowly.  Of course if all you can do is watch day time TV, it will seem endless.  Susan has begun joining Pam in viewing the "judge" shows and the Jerry Springer wannabes.  They are hilarious and clearly demonstrate the vast and deep level of ignorance in some of humanity.  Today Susan has been up (in her chair) since 6:30 AM.  She had some strawberry pink rash places around her body.  The cream and a dose of antihistamine plus a pain pill seems to have alleviated the morning's discomfort.

You all may be wondering what the life of a care giver is like. I truly hope you have more important things to think about.  I'm doing a split shift; I help get Susan up out of bed about 7.  When Pam arrives about 8, she takes over for the ADLs.  Then Mary and Bob arrive before 9.  Unless we are expecting something to happen soon, I leave Pam and Mary and Bob in charge.  I return for a 4:00 to bedtime tour of duty.  I help her into bed and adjust all the pieces.  Pam leaves in the early afternoon as soon as the personal care chores are done.  Mary and Bob stay until 4, and then they have the afternoon and evening off.  None of us are hooting with the owls at midnight. I guess we're too old for that.

Today, Susan had her hair shampooed by Mary and Pam using Mary's Japan method. A tiny amount of shampoo is diluted in water, agitated and applied very sparingly.  Suds it up and scrub.  Then a wipe off and a rinse.  Mary uses a ketchup squeeze bottle for both the shampoo and the rinse.  Towels catch any run off. This controls the water volume. Voila! A quaff to be proud of.  

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