Friday, July 2, 2010


When I came in to the waiting room, Mary and Bob hailed me. Susan was
in the radiology world getting the tube text. She came back few
minutes later saying there was still a trace of dye going into the
small intestine. No word from the doctor. So, we are here.

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Chez said...

OK, THAT sux like a hoover.
We are all cheering for the best outcome, which from my reading seems to be nothing going in and no dye to be seen by the radiologist. If my reading is incorrect, I am hoping to be forgiven, as am still hoping and praying for highest and best outcome for everyone, cared for and caregivers alike, which is the point after all.
NOLA is steamy like a drippy jungle in a sauna. We are escaping to Hattiesburg and will return Monday PM. Text if necessary. Love to the nth degree to all, incl LUUUcYYY!