Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 23. At last some action BUT more waiting.

This AM Susan's surgeon, Dr. Palmer, visited her room.  He removed the stitches and the "bungy cords" on her incision.  He said the left side ostemy can be covered with a bandage instead of a bag.  He ordered a tube check.  Radiology was extra busy but they would try to fit her in.  It didn't happen.  We all waited and were disappointed.  Susan enjoyed her "full liquid diet." NOT!!!! After tucking her in tonight, she said: "Go to the cafeteria on your way in and bring me some grits, butter salt & pepper and coffee for breakfast." She has begun to take control of her life, and still, she is patient with the confinement knowing she is getting great nursing care and family love.  She'd rather be in Sibley than elsewhere with IV stuff in her.

If the tube check shows no dye in the small intestine, it will be disconnected and a 24 hour count down will start toward her discharge.  If not, we'll have a heart to heart with the surgeon and not accept any more waiting for a surgeon's inadvertent error to correct itself.  I said it.  I believe it.

With love to all,

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Marie Strahan said...

Hi John -- I would have come up yesterday but was under the weather and stayed home. Will call this morning. I bet she is frustrated. Ask her about ribs this weekend. Is Jo in?
Love, Marie