Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 2 Phase 2 July 10, 2010

A day that begun with waking up to a gently falling rain; something has changed in our weather.  The blast furnace, the Greek Steam Bath gone berserk on steroids has gone away.  Opening the patio door this morning after waking at 7 was wonderful.  No blast of steam or radiant heat.  Mother Nature smiled on D.C. today.

Jo and Michelle came to be caregivers to their Sistah Susan.  They fired me.  I couldn't do anything for Susan except give her kisses and hugs.  These old friends know how to do everything.  I am posting at nearly 10 PM.  I'll be sleeping within 30 minutes.  Healing and strengthening is happening every day.

Love to all of you. John.

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Sue said...

In addition to Susan healing, it is so nice...actually wonderful... to see your sparkling sense of humor come back.