Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 22 another day of ennui

Well, we were up early with complete bath and hair shampoo. We waited to be called to radiology for a tube check.  NOT!!!! It was not ordered last Friday -- the last day Susan saw any of her doctor's team.  So we waited patiently, sort of.
Dr. Palmer, the surgeon, came in finally about 6 PM.  He didn't spend any time with us.  He only said "you can eat full liquids."  (He actually had to rush down to surgery.)  
So, we immediately ordered some of that wonderful liquid food. Don't ask.  It will probably not be a bowl of red beans and rice, or a sautéed soft shell crab with hollandaise sauce. Don't we wish.
More on this long epic tomorrow.

Good night with love.  John


Anonymous said...

Hi John & Susan,
Thank you so much for this blog and keeping us updated. Please let Susan know the Ambassadors, Amy & Darah, are doing great and we will be hosting a lunch for 20-30 San Diego partners to show them off! Susan, get better soon you are missing the party here!
Much luv & hugs from the San Diego team!
Karla Bell

Anonymous said...

Susan/John --
Been following the (wonderful)commentary, and hope that discharge is getting closer! Liquid food can't compare to Louisiana cooking, but PoBoys will again be on the agenda, I expect.
Hope visitors allowed soon, and thoughts are with you both.
--Ken A

Diana said...

John, I concur...Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. I sincerely imagine your patience is about shot...I know it has to be tough to stay in the hospital and just wait. But, I'm hoping Susan does sleep a lot and heal. I know it is a lengthy process. My heart goes out to both of you everyday.
The only consolation about being trapped inside is how darned HOT and HUMID it is outside! I think it's nearly as bad there as it is in FL this year!!! UGH!
Love to both of you, Diana Cunningham