Friday, August 6, 2010

Susan's Posting on her FaceBook page.

Reprinted from Susan Daniels' Facebook page:

As many of you already know, in mid June I was hit by a wicked abdominal mishap that landed me in the hospital for almost a month. I have been home for over three
weeks now and my recuperation is moving along better than expected.  From time to time I'll give you further updates.

I am delighted to give a special note of gratitude to my family and friends who took care of me so well and who showed me so much love and support - -you know who you are and I will never forget you.
With Love, Susan


Chez said...

Girl! SOOOO happy and jazzed to read you! All of us NOLA-ites are on the cheerleading team...sending love and healing light.
Let me know what you need-I have some amazing audiobooks to share if you feel like listening.
The Dreaded Cousin Chez

Peter Ulrich said...

I'm thrilled that you have recovered to the point you can send this upbeat message. I have been following the scary course of events after Jeanne Argoff's heads up message to me in June. I know you have the right stuff to make this all come out all right. I look forward to the day you came wheeling back into class and launch into another delightful watercolor. Until then, know that you I am thinking of you and hoping to see you sooner rather than later. Love, Peter Ulrich

Anonymous said...

Susan, I have thought about you every day and am glad to know that you're coming along and improving.. We have moved and sold our house and now live at Goodwin House at Bailey's crossroads. Perhaps when you are more mobile we can get together and have a meal here we could pick you up at a tube station. I will try to call you hopefully at a time when it would not be so disturbing to your day.

We send our love to both you and John.

Don Stewart

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Hope you're still improving. Think about you often. Your determination and will is taking you far beyond what most could handle. We're proud of you and we love you.

Bill Janzen