Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recovery Day Seven Post

11/18/2010  1110  (11:10 AM)

Wednesday was a busy day for Susan.  She is determined to follow the recovery regimen as designed by Dr. C.  She was up and in her wheelchair and doing a good job of eating.  She is managing her own medicine usage.  She did say she didn't want the dillaudid too often because she wants to stay awake.  Good sign.

Keeping her comfortable when she is in bed calls for creative lifting, stretching, twisting and propping up.  Susan manages us very well. 

From now on, posts will be made when there is news.

Love,  John.


Diana said...

Thank you John...I do hope you get some rest. You must be exhausted. I've spent a tiny bit of time at the hospital as a caretaker...NOTHING compared to you...and I know how much you need a break too.
I do love reading your posts since I'm so far away. Give Susan our love and know we keep you in our thoughts and prayers EVERY DAY!!
Love, Diana, Mike and Alex

Prudence said...

Dear John and Susan,

I agree with Diana that you need to get some rest yourself. I have enjoyed reading about Susan's experiences and progress. I am hoping for the best and it sounds like she is making progress. don't leave the hospital before you are really ready - don't even think about it - - - HI Susan! keep managing your team !!!! smile . . . Prayers are with you - I will ask the deaf community congregation to pray for you again this Sunday. Love, Prudy

Prudence said...

Dear John and Susan,

I will take your situation to the deaf community congregation again this Sunday - a Catholic cong. and ask for prayers for you both during the Prayers by the People part of the Mass. I have enjoyed reading the stories of your recovery and your experiences. Thanks to John for the blogs. I am hoping for the best for you and see your progress. You are coming along just fine. Love, Prudy