Thursday, November 11, 2010

Recovery Day One

After a rocky start and getting the pain medicine at the right level, (SMD: "There is no excuse for post surgical pain!!!!") Susan has spent the day awake; she didn't sleep last night either.  Soon, she is going to konk out for a day. Breathing on her own shows good strength. Being unwilling to suffer foolish misapplication of 21st century medicine shows that she is driving her recovery bus.

Dr. C is very happy with the results of the surgery; medically, Susan is doing fine.  All the surgery related markers are good.

There is a bit of a problem with her kidneys; they seem to be a bit out of sorts.  Urine output is too low. There are several possible reasons for this.  An Xray of the stomach has been taken. A sonogram of the kidneys will be next.  A nephrologist has been consulted and will see her tomorrow.

More late. It is now 9:30 PM.  Time for Susan to sleep, finally.

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