Friday, November 12, 2010

Recovery Day Two PM Posting

11/12 2000 (8PM)

This experience continues to improve.  The "gurl" is coming along fine.  Tonight as I left her comfy and cozy with all special positioning done to relieve back, neck, knee, etc. discomfort, she was softly singing "Claire de Luna" (sp?).  Sh had just said to me, "Honey, I think I've licked this thing."  Her care team agrees.  We all are realistic however; there could be many other bumps on the road to enchantment.  The massive nature of the surgery leaves a myriad of possible problems.  The folks at Sibley Hospital are phenomenal.  Of course it helps when the patient frequently knows as much if not more about her care needs.  The M.D.s do the orders and the science.  The nursing and support staff execute the orders, AND they listen to Susan.  There will be some more ICU days thanks to the conserving nature of her doctor; she wants "nothing to get in the way of Susan's existence."

For the good of the good-hearted patient, Susan's care team has made an executive decision, with which the patient agrees.  We will not be receiving visitors at the hospital this time.  Susan is a GRITS and feels obliged to extend her most cordial self to all her callers whenever and wherever they appear.  Sister Mary, P.A. Pam and husband John are sparing her the work of the exhausting efforts such cordiality requires of her.  So, visitors can come see her when she comes home.

Tomorrow is Sat. The hospital almost shuts down.  There may not be much to say tomorrow or Sunday.  Check for sure on Monday.

Thank you for your caring support.

Love,  John.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the updates coming. What is a GRITS?? I am glad Susan's stalwarts are giving her space and rest. I am thinking of Susan and her family daily and am delighted with her progress.
Liz Bryan

Diana said...

I read these daily reports with much anticipation. I can't tell you what a joy it is to read the positive news each day. Susan's phenomenal recovery is nothing short of a miracle...but we knew she is a an amazing woman and would beat this thing!! Thank God!!!
John, you are also amazing!
Liz, GRITS are "Girls Raised in the South"!! There is a book (or more than one) about them! Really funny!!

Much love to Susan and to you John!
Thank you for keeping us all up to date!! We appreciate it more than you can know.