Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Update. Real Good News

Susan's surgery took 6 hours; it just finished about 4.  Dr. C. said she went through it very well (good vitals, respiration, etc.).  She'll be in ICU and intubated at least overnight.  Then it's up to her constitution to direct her recovery.  (2-4 weeks here.) We will be able to see her in a few minutes.  She is very, very asleep.  She needs the rest.

The process concluded as a success!  The parts removed were those planned.  The tumor gave the doctors a lot of "negative margins."  That means she thinks she got it all.  The tumor didn't act up like a sarcoma can.  There was no massive bleeding.  The ileostomy  was installed perfectly.  Dr. C. was very pleased with her stability and strength during the surgery.

Thank you for caring.  Make sure others know of this post.
 Love you.


Mary said...

Fabulous! Fabulous! So glad to hear it.

Diana said...

Thank God! Prayers will continue to be with you! Best energy, Best thoughts and so much love too!