Monday, October 17, 2011

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October 17, 2011 1530

The message of this post is positive but guarded.  Like Dr. Chernofsky said, "I'm not going to say critical because critical means something awful could happen any minute. We're not there now."  She's still in ICU. This is day 6.  She got rid of that horrible gastric drain tube in her nose.  Her breathing is being augmented with a hose to the nose -- not the tiny tube -- a real hose with some push behind it.  She is feeling better today than yesterday.  

Late yesterday afternoon she told her nurse Ed, "I'm feeling better; I'm not going to go anywhere."  Her complexion is a bit more normally rosy -- not the red from being hot and bothered.  She asked Pam and Jo (from CA) to keep her stimulated and not let her doze off during the day.  She wants to sleep at night; this means Susan is being more in charge than in the past.  The care team is still with her 24/7.  She is such an anomaly, physically, that many health care people don't really understand her situation.  One of the nurses asked her if she was going to use a walker when she could get up.  Another casually told her to turn over onto her left side. Not alone she can't.

We will have more to report as time goes on.  Thanks for you caring.  Love to all, John.

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