Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 2011 Post #3 at Caring for Susan

October 13, 2011

Three days – it seems like thirty. The hours have moved by at a snail's pace.  The ordeal of Tuesday's surgery has passed.  The doctors were busy for seven hours.  The rest of us waited.  I guess I've adopted some of Susan's distaste for waiting during our 20 years together.  It was awful; Mary and Bob and I were almost the last waiting family members when both doctors came out into the waiting room. 

They explained a critical and complicated situation, which I will leave to Susan to tell to those she wants to know.  Survival is the first goal.  Day by day was a phrase they used a lot.  After thirty-six hours, I believe survival is probable.

Susan is still in the ICU being cared for by a team of absolutely angelic nurses and intensiveist doctors (a new specialty that focuses on critical care patients.)  I'm not sure Logan or Matt would want to be called angelic but what the hey!  They are so gentle, caring, thorough and true health care professionals.  This episode did not result in fluid in lungs so the gravity was a bit lower in scope.  The people using the tools have made Susan as comfortable as possible.

She will be in the ICU for some more days; specific dates are not good to give out.  There can always be setbacks.  Your messages of care and love are received with warm gratitude. Thank you all.

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