Monday, October 10, 2011

October 2011 Post #1 Caring for Susan

October 10, 2011.

Dear Family and Friends,

After a late summer with little bumps on the road to enchantment, Susan is going into Fall with another major surgery. She has been in Sibley Hospital, 5255 Loughberry Road, Washington, DC 20016 since Thursday 10/6. Taking care of what we thought was a situation that would improve became impossible. Enduring the raging skin pain was driving Susan to her wits end. Finally, she just said, "Pam, we're going to the hospital."

Having been admitted and examined by the CT scanner and Dr. Chernofsky, a clear diagnosis was reached. Dr. Palmer (from the June 2010 life saving surgery) is now in charge. There was no evidence of any return of cancer. General surgeons see the condition Susan has very often. So, surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11 in the P.M. Susan is in a strong state; she has all the positive clinical signs and will face up well to this much shorter procedure than either of the 2010 surgeries.

Mary and Bob have arrived. They will be here to support Susan's recovery. I don't know what brother Harry will do. He's been hard to reach because he left his phone in California.

More will come when more is known.

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